Are you a man?


As men, we have all ran into this question. Are you a man? At times the very question strikes intimidation into our hearts. (Yes our hearts, soft and mushy like the rest, once all the ego and pride are peeled off.) It has us wondering where we stand in the masculine/feminine paradigm. Some may think their next action may look too feminine, therefore they will refrain from doing a certain deed in order to protect their pride as a man. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I’ve learned that following your heart does not make you any less masculine then the next. There is no need to worry, if you were born with the associative gear, rest assured, your a man.

The truth is, all humans were born with both feminine and masculine traits. Indeed, no matter where you fall in measure of these traits, if you’re a man, you’re a man. No need to prove anything about your masculinity by buying a jacked up 4×4, turning yourself into an ape, or  talking down about men who display feminine traits in order to impress your buddies. You might want a girl that feels as if displaying certain traits makes you a man. If you don’t and have any deep passion for her traits of desire, she’s not for you. Your “friends” might make fun of you if you feel the need to act gently and kindly to others. But, If you feel up to it, give that homeless man a smile. Hold the door open for a stranger. For goodness sake, talk about your broken heart. You need not do anything to prove yourself worthy of being called “a man”.

In my opinion, both man and woman are no more then humans. To be human is to have integrity. It is to shed the pride and ego and follow the heart. Not to follow the path of friends and family. Follow your own path. The path in which your soul resides. I realize in this crazy materialistic world it has become increasingly tough to maintain ones self without being overwhelmed by the pressures of the outside world. But, on the path to enlightenment, one must do so. You must engage with your own truths in order to receive what’s meant for you. Sometimes we’ve gone so far on the wrong path that initially this process might be a little too much to bare. Although, like anything, it will come. With patience, practice, and persistence your true light will shine. Don’t be fooled by the shallow desires of our damaged society. Be yourself, free your mind. Don’t “be a man”. Be a human. Live, laugh, love, with no walls, no limits. You will get hurt. You will cry. Also, you will be you. You will make a difference. Enlighten yourself, and follow your soul man!


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