Empowerment of Pain

Life, although unfathomably beautiful in all aspects, has its moments of darkness. In those moments it is tediously hard to find happiness in even the simplest of life’s wonders. It seems that the world is resting on your shoulders, and lights have dimmed all around you. In these times we need to remember that even pain, is temporary. Pain is a necessary part of an emotionally healthy life. It strengthens us from our most inner core. It teaches us lessons in a way no other delivery of knowledge can. You become empathic towards the circumstance so now you can support any of those going through your pain. Without pain and darkness, we can not fully appreciate the bliss and light in which our astonishing existence has to offer. Experience pain, let it seep in. For when the clouds pass, there are gleaming skies on the horizon. Let not, the pain tear you down. Embrace it, let it empower you to higher heights of your existence.


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