Rebirth from Exile

Crawling, lazily crawling, Through a dark stormy thicket.
Pondering, lonesome pondering, to the calling of the cricket.
He hangs his head low, unknowing to what soon he’ll grow,
and wings he will exhibit.

His legs become restless, could this be it?
He trembles in fear to the thought and slips,
Falling fast, and landing swift, he gets his grip,
and latches to the vibrant green luscious tip.

With slumber impending, he rests his eyes.
Feels death looming, begins to cry,
He knew not if this was goodbye,
in euphoric slumber he now peacefully lies.

It seems only seconds, or minutes at best,
before he embraces a thump in his chest,
his ticker is ticking, once again natures guest,
now feeling so fresh, grateful, and blessed.

Birds now whistle in the forenoon light,
he opens his eyes, the sun gleaming bright,
peers to his shoulders, and to his delight,
a mosaic of colors, now set to take flight.

Thank you for reading my first blogged poem! If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comment box to the left, below the image. I look forward to hearing from you!  🙂




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