No matter your skin color, descent, species, biological make up, tradition, religion, or personal interests. The whole world is inclusive. Our world is inclusive to our solar system, and our solar system to our galaxy. One cell cannot exist without another. Existence is a collaborative effort. Everything is inclusive. We must all work together to get this message across in order to gift a hospitable environment for future generations of all living things.

So why do some tyrant for exclusivity? That has always been a question that has baffled me ever since I was a young child. Deep down inside we all want and need the same thing, love. Yet, our system renders this need very low on its priorities. It is set up that to be “successful” we need to bully our way to the top, and leave any and all who get in our way rolling in the wake.

What is success to you? Success to me is prospering and thriving amongst all others. Maintaining health, longevity, and happiness, in order to spread happiness to all others. Wealth, should be very low on the priority list in my own opinion. Unfortunately, wealth is at the very top of the majority of the global populations list in the recipe for success. It is because of this very notion that it is becoming increasingly harder for the rest of us to maintain health, and happiness. It is a fight just to acquire these seemingly simple feats.

I dream of a world that we all thrive together. Everyone is seen as equal. Where woman and men walk harmoniously hand in hand through a lush green forest teaming with life. Where forests are being taken care of, not taken advantage of for personal gain. Where insects, plants and animals are not poisoned by GMO’s. Where all parts of the world are at peace and global travel is safe and a joyous experience for all parties involved. Where the ugly head of global warfare, is a thing of the past.

In order for our mother earth and all living things to exist in harmony for much longer. We must start to love one another. Love and nurture our planet like the family that it is. Destruction and hate, must cease. It is tearing through life as we know it like a cancer. Like a plague gone wild. I am not much of a religious person but, I prey for our planet. Send it good energy whenever I can. Help our planet and others to thrive where I can. In our day and age, this is not always an easy task. But, with spreading love we can all make a difference. I beg of any and all to join me on my conquest of love. Do one, or as many good deeds to others as you can everyday. Plant the seed of hope, so that it can grow into a tree of love, and that tree, a forest. One seed can build a euphoria for us all, throw them out there! Let Inclusiveness reign supreme!

This post was inspired by ‘The Isha Blog’ by Sadhguru. Thank you for reading my fifth blog. Please tell me what you think of it in the comments box. I am very new to writing and am open to any and all criticism. As I myself, would like to grow so that I can better help in the conquest of love. ♥


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