Free Your Mind

Jump off of the train of disparity and its ill-fated path into the wilderness of the unknown.  Drop all of the weight of the world to your feet and put your hands up to feel the ethereality that is freedom. All of the compulsiveness is tearing you apart. Step out of the box and discover the hidden, the forsaken life, the good life. A life without walls, gimmicks or illusions. A life teaming with possibility.  A life with your name on it, not the name of an infinite lost souls. Let go the burden of your past and engage in the now. You’re not promised tomorrow, so don’t fret upon the unknown. All you have is here, right in front of you. Open your arms to it. Live, love, and do so with compassion. Embrace the light shining in your soul. Let that light open up your heart. Dive into it. It loves you. Love it back. You are perfectly imperfect, and immaculately stained. Just the way you were meant to be. Cut through your falsified self expression so that you may ooze out integrity. Reign supreme over others unsolicited expectations as to escape oppression. Be yourself, your own dictator. Do the best you can and rest easy knowing you did. Take a step back, so that you may take a step forward. Be a star, and be free of your fear, your hurt, your misery, and your guilt. Let it all go, like dust in the wind! You are a reflection of the cosmos. Glowing heavenly amongst all who surround you. Free your mind my cosmic friend, for only in this manner, can you be on the right path.



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