Open Your Heart

Open your heart, let all that you are seep out, and all that is, seep in. It is the only way to discover your divine truth, and your souls path through the cosmos. When you close your heart, you block the pathways of love, truth, and soul. You disrupt the ebon flow of time and space. Do not be afraid of the repercussions. For they are your destiny.

With trust in what the universe has in store for you, you will be set free. You will resonate with the stars and all of their children. You will be love, in its most glorious form. You will glow with a harmonious vibration which will be sure to jump from soul to soul like wildfire.

Let go of any harbored ill will. What ever you believe, dig deeper, farther into the mystic. The truth will set you free. You are more then they want you to be. More then you know you are. You are a godly earth being waiting to reign as the ruler of your bound energy. Have faith in yourself fellow sentient. Knock down the walls holding back your heart. You are, Buddha.


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