Wall of Thorns

It’s easy to get caught up in the abyss that is modern “civilized” life. Its easy to follow the leader and do what they say.  To go on living your life without really grasping what it is you are here for in the first place. Or is it? Is it easier to be strung along a bumpy road? A road which feels like comfort but leaves your heart feeling empty and lost. Is it easier to watch as the world crumbles around you while you’re in your constricted bubble staring like a young toddler? Our planet is in a dire state and is desperate for more individuals and less servants.

Your life can be many things. It can be any single thing you want it to be. Yet, what it shouldn’t be, is anything you are not. All too many people tippy toe along a narrow road in fear of stepping abroad to discover what it is underneath it all. Afraid of being vulnerable as they shed the layers of falsified identity. Uncomfortable in the raw nakedness that is self. Living in fear of what superiors or friends and family may think. Some are unaware and bewildered in the sense of true self. Others, not yet strong enough to climb the wall of thorns ahead of them.

Its time to buckle up and hit the road, your road. Weave in and out of any obstacles leading you to your destiny. Hold that steering wheel tight, it will not be your average drive with Miss Daisy. In no time flat you will reach the wall of thorns. With determination and perseverance you will realize that the wall of thorns was merely an illusion created by fear embedded deep in your heart. Stand back and watch now as the wall dissolves in front of your eyes revealing your destiny. A world where you belong. Where your needed and loved just as you are. A world that at one time only existed in your dreams.

Fear has the power to suppress you in ways beyond comprehension. It will tether you in a condemned world. As bravery comes to the forefront of your battle with self, fear will parry and drop all weapons. The unfortunate part is that some people in the real world will prey on people living in fear. They will manipulate you like a puppet into doing things that only serve themselves. It is our job too learn how to recognize this and hack and slash our way through adversity and abusive behaviors. Our planet is being run by mad men feasting on the weak. Its time for us all to take the power back and stand tall. To form like vultron and battle the beast of burden. Whether your black, white, yellow, or brown; Christian, Muslim, Atheist or Jew. The world needs you! Not who they tell you to be. But, YOU.  The world needs all of our rawfully loving hearts to beat together and overcome fear. It needs unity.

One love, One heart…



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